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Vice-president – Cannabis Expert

Paul Laurent

Paul Laurent was born in Montreal, where he completed his primary, secondary and university studies. He has worked for several sectors of activity for the Canadian Government, Hydro-Quebec, universities and the Government of Quebec. Since the 1980s, he has invented commercially successful products and built his own business. Today, he advises inventors and entrepreneurs in product and business development.

In 2017-2018, at the request of a sponsor, Paul started from blank and developed a complete project on medicinal cannabis . He worked on several aspects of the project design including the following: License, Construction of the plantLayout of the cultivation equipmentInstallation of atmospheric control equipment, Installation of extraction equipment, Product manufacturing, Obtaining a letter of interest from a customer for the sale of the product for five years, Contact with Université Laval in Quebec and Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.


  • PBE Expert Inc, 2018, Vice-president
  • Government of Quebec: Department of Industry, Trade and Commerce
  • Hydro-Quebec: Head of Press Relations
  • Expo 67: Communications Manager
  • Allweather Inc.: Entrepreneur, product development, business development, plant construction

Expertise & Skills

  • Cannabis Expert
  • Plant design
  • Production Management
  • Business development
  • Public relations, communications



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