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PBE Expert Inc is a leading consulting company providing a know-how acquired in the past 20 years to transform the existing plants or new facilities toward the automation, smart data collection & the simulation in real time. As well, we ensure our clients to implement successfully the Industry 4.0.
PBE Expert Inc is committed to providing projects delivery on time, on budget and compliant to quality requirements, by implementing & audit review of digital technologies, data collection, access security, computer data integrity, and their validation in accordance with the industry 4.0.

PBE Expert Inc applies the following concepts during the Industry 4.0 project : The scan of the factory in creating a virtual model that can be simulated with the data collected by calibrated instruments, the ability of the plant and its instruments to be interconnected and save the production data in real time, the flexibility of the factory for customizing the production, the new logistics tools for decision making as well as the factory energy efficiency, raw materials, chemicals, primary, secondary & third packaging materials, finished goods management and flow tracking.

PBE Expert Inc interacts with the analysis of the data of the factory: the connection of the instruments and networks, the cloud for the calculations and data on demand, the infrastructure for the storage and memory, the content and context for the correlation and business intelligence, the community for sharing and collaboration, the customization and values, on-time predictive and systemic maintenance and budget management, resources planning and viable manufacturing & commercial schedule.


  • PURS: Identification and analysis of the company appropriate digital requirements.
  • Influence and decision-making for the procurement of appropriate digital solutions.
  • Recommendation of the suitable digital solutions.
  • Implementation and maintenance of the enterprise solutions technology.
  • Design of the system scan.
  • Certification and Computer validation (CSV), GAMP.
  • Compliance audit of the IT system (audit trails).
  • GAP Analysis on the “Data Governance”.
  • Design and Management of the electronic access security.
  • Track changes.
  • Data collection of electronic records (E-records).
  • Data Integrity.
  • IT infrastructure Control.
  • Conformity of the IT infrastructure.

  • Risks Assessment & Analysis.
  • Good business and processes practices (ICH Q10).
  • Showcase of the Future Industry 4.0:
    • Increased reality.
    • Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain”,” Internet by objects.
    • Extraction of Digital Information “Data Integrity”, transfer, storage and operating system.
    • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
    • Business efficiency by Operational Technology (OT) with their Information Technology (IT) connection.
    • “DATA liberation”.
    • Banish the cables to the benefit of Internet networks & communication to control the automation actuator valves.
    • Technologies of the digital transformation of the management of the energy and automation.
    • Predictive Maintenance.

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